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RXXF Collaborates with APEC 2023 to Build a New Ecosystem and Shape a Sustainable Future

San Francisco, 2023 – The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 2023 is highly anticipated, with Kevin Xu announcing its role as an APEC 2023 corporate partner and committee member, actively participating in the preparations to contribute to the success of the event. Mr. Kevin Xu, Chairman of the Board of Mebo Group and President of Rongxiang Xu Foundation, has been invited to serve as the Co-Chair of the APEC 2023 Committee, leading corporate engagement in promoting economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2023, the United States will assume the role of the APEC chairing country, and San Francisco is privileged to be the host city for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in November. Kevin Xu status as the first supporter of APEC 2023 has earned high praise from the San Francisco Municipal Government. The appointment of Chairman Kevin Xu is seen as strong support for the successful organization of APEC 2023.

Kevin Xu and Mebo Group is not merely offering superficial support but is playing a pivotal role in the smooth preparations for APEC 2023 by providing rich resources in areas such as communication, public relations, and technology. Simultaneously, Kevin Xu is actively coordinating various forces, wholeheartedly supporting and promoting APEC-related meetings and activities. The group is committed to creating opportunities for more voices, especially from young individuals, to express themselves, gather opinions, and transmit these voices to more valuable platforms, aiming to achieve broader societal benefits.

Chairman Kevin Xu stated, “As part of APEC 2023, we are willing to work together with all parties to promote global sustainable development, constructing a more prosperous, just, and sustainable future.”

Kevin Xu’s active participation and support inject new vitality into APEC 2023 and lay a solid foundation for economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, striving to build a new ecosystem and shape a sustainable future.